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Mingo Education is a non-profit organisation. All the work with marketing, maintenance and development is carried out voluntarily. All profits are donated to Läkare i världen (Médecins du Monde Sweden) www.lakarivarlden.se which is part of the global network Médecins du Monde www.medecinsdumonde.org

Médecins du Monde is an international humanitarian organisation providing medical care to vulnerable populations affected by war, natural disasters, disease, famine, poverty or exclusion. The network delivers over 300 projects in more than 70 countries through 3,000 volunteers.

The apps help kids 6-12 to practice basic math in a fun and stimulating way. Mingo Matte l is designed as a game where you can compete against yourself on time or play and compete with a friend.

The graphics are clean and calm. Mingo Math l is therefore particularly suitable for children who are easily disturbed by many choices and moving objects.

The kids are training Friends of ten, Doubling, Units and tens, as well as Multiplication and Division for all tables. The game is a stimulating complement to what children have to learn in school.

We do not collect any personal information or other information about users. Both our website and apps are completely free of advertising.

The apps are certified according to


Learn more about IARC here.

The apps are available in 16 languages and is automatically loaded into the language available on your tablet or mobile phone. You can download and play on all the commonly used models of tablets and smartphones. You can change the language within the game.

Mingo Matte l (Apple) is a free version where you can play Friends of ten and also  purchase all skills gradually inside the app.
Mingo Matte l Lite (Samsung, Sony, Motorola and others) is a free version where you can play Friends of ten.

Mingo Matte l PREMIUM is the version where kids can practice all the skills.

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For the time being it is not possible to download Mingo Math I and Mingo Math Premium from Appstore. We are upgrading Mingo Math in order to make the app work with the new operating system IOS 11.
We are halfway here with our charity project!
Now we have the upgraded versions of Mingo Math almost ready. But we need help with remaining code to make Mingo Math ready to assist the children when schools start. Do you have the opportunity to help us? Please send a mail to info@mingoeducation.com
For the iOS version we use SpriteKit and Swift, and for the Android version Cocos2d 3.xx, objective c and C ++. If you can´t help us yourself please tell someone you think might be interested in working with the upgrade during the summer!