Who is Mingo?

Mingo the hedgehog lives in the outskirts of the woods. He likes it there, peaceful and full of yummy insects, but not too far away from people.

One day when Mingo was fast asleep, he woke up hearing the noise of children. A school had come to his glade on an outing, and the children were running around playing. Mingo hid behind a bush and waited for the children to leave so he could search for food.

While he was hiding he heard some of the children complaining about the arithmetic they had to learn at school. ”Wait”, Mingo was thinking, ”I’m good at arithmetic, maybe I can help the kids?”

SkärmklippMingo o stocken

He scurried away and wrote something on leaves, then he went away to find a small log. He used his little claws to scratch some numbers on the log. He put it in front of the leaves and went back to hide behind the bush.

In a few minutes some of the children found the little log and looked at it. ”10, and 10, and 10, and 10, and 10?” one of them said. ”What makes 10?”

Then they saw the leaves on the ground. Slowly they turned one of the leaves around and saw a number on it. The number was 3. ”Three does not make 10″, the child said. ”No, but if you add 7 you get 10”, another child said. ”Where is the number 7?” The children took turns and turned some other leaves around until they found the number 7. Then they added 4 and 6, 8 and 2, 1 and 9, and 5 and 5. Until they had two leaves they could put on each of the number 10s that Mingo had scratched onto the little log.


When the kids were in school the following morning Mingo had already been up at dawn to see if there were any scraps of food left. The kids on the other hand were far from resting, they were playing Mingo Maths I on tablets.