Family project

The initiator of Mingo Education is Malena Britz. Staffan Britz, together with Malena, drives Mingo Education in order to create apps for fun and stimulating learning of basic skills for children aged 6-12 years.

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“I have a great interest in teaching and learning, whether in mathematics for primary school children or political science for adults. Moreover I love the new technology and all the possibilities it offers us. When I look into the crystal ball, I see many opportunities to develop more fun educational games. ”

Malena holds a doctorate in political science at Stockholm University and now works as a lecturer and researcher in political science at the National Defence College in Stockholm.

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“I´m engaged in Mingo Education because I strongly believe in the possibility of using modern IT technology to make learning enjoyable. Our mission statement is simple: Building Applications for fun learning on platforms like smartphones, tablets and laptops for the world’s children.”

Staffan has extensive business experience in areas such as finance, contracts and IT. He has worked as a management consultant for small and large companies. He is also involved in the Médecins du Monde / Doctors of the world and Fair Trade Center.